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What the Hobart Hurricanes and Business Strategy should have in Common

The Women’s BBL Cricket is about to start, and as a proud Hobartian, I am hoping for the best for the Hurricanes, but it made me ask the question: Do the Hurricanes do business better than businesses do business? Or do the Hurricanes do strategy better than businesses?

I heard a CEO recently mention, that his strategy was a year old and it needs to be reviewed.

Can you imagine the WBBL Hurricane’s coach (Salliann Briggs), say we have a plan for this season, we are going with it, and we will review it in a year? Or is it more logical she would say we have a strategy and after game 1 we will review and alter it? And the same, after game 2, and so on.

So, do sports teams do strategy better than business? You bet they do. Why is it then, that in a nation obsessed with sports, businesses do not review the strategy when a player (employee) leaves? Or when there is a change in the competitive environment or when the culture is changing, etc?

Strategy is not linear. It is not a document you review once a year. Strategy is like continuous improvement, it is circular in nature it is every employee, every day.

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