Empathy and Trust in Marketing

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

'Eskimos obviously don’t need ice....'

There are a great many speakers and writers that are asked, “How do I market in a business world where low trust advertising and marketing is the norm?”. Recently, or at least in the last five years, there are more and more responses that are related to Empathy. These responses often have conditions of Trust. In fact, the idea of selling Ice to Eskimos is often cited as Eskimos obviously don’t need ice. In my experience, one of the best salespersons that I have ever employed had a background as a minister. He would only sell if the benefit of what he was selling, was markedly better than the cost.

But I would suggest that the question from above is framed incorrectly. I have yet to hear the question phrased as “How do I get my ‘Company’ to market better?”. The answer is still Empathy and Trust but there is a slight twist. The twist is, that the company is the marketer and the company then, has to own the empathy and trust. Clearly we can trust some companies. I bought containers of chains and shackles from a company based in Qingdao, China. When we had a problem with the galvanising they quickly solved the problem by air-freighting some replacements! I trusted that firm completely and remained loyal.

While trusting some companies seems easy; is it easy to say that a company has Empathy? The answer is that it must. A company must also have a degree of Corporate held Emotional Intelligence to survive what will be a changing business environment. This new environment will see Royal Commissions moving from rebuking the Bank (for example) for its “culture” to rebuking the Bank for its lack of "Corporate Emotional Intelligence.”

The marketing of a firm has shifted to Purpose based. A good Purpose based marketing plan is not manipulative, rather it must be helpful to the end user. The elements of Corporate held Emotional Intelligence are exactly equivalent to the elements of individual Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Awareness and Relationship Management. A firm must have an awareness of its relationships which will require Empathy and it will have to manage those relationships if it hopes to survive, which will require Trust

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