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Anticipation: Moves and Counter-Moves

Good strategy must have an element of anticipation. Think of it this way; say your business finds a gap or an opening in the market, you decide that you are going move into that gap or market space. Your competitor determines that they don’t want you to have that market segment to yourself, so they react to your move. We now have had a move and counter move. A bit like a chess game. But in chess you don’t make a move without thinking about what the opponent might do. If you had anticipated how your competitor would move, you could have had a response ready. That response could negate their move or defend your position. So in the Hunger Games, when President Snow says, ‘Moves and Countermoves,’ he doesn’t quite describe strategy: he is describing tactics. Strategy is moves, countermoves and counter-countermoves.

If you are considering making a tactical marketing move, consider what your competitor might do in reaction. Try to come up with a number of possibilities then consider what your counter-countermove will be to each possible scenario. Anticipating your competitor’s reaction is the difference between being tactical or being strategic.

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