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ChEQmate: Using Corporate held Emotional Quotient as a

Winning Business Strategy 

ChEQmate is divided into two parts:

Part One – Strategy: Circular Strategy

I have always been interested in strategy and this fascination took a firm hold of me around 15 years ago when I was studying strategy as part of my MBA course. It struck me that the textbook that I was using had a poor definition of strategy and inadequately addressed the aspects of strategy that matter. Many critical shortcomings of that and other textbooks, is in the areas of Process; what it takes to execute strategy and a lack of focus on Limiting Internal Factors.

Part Two – Corporate Emotional Intelligence

While Strategy and Corporate Emotional Intelligence may seem disparate at first glance, I have found that with strategy there is major problem: An understanding that external factors are not as important as an understanding of Limiting Internal Factors.  Internal factors have a strong reliance on Emotional Intelligence including Self-Awareness. Do businesses objectively and accurately self-assess?

The concepts of Circular Strategy, strategy as a process not a document, the importance of Internal Analysis and of a Corporate held Emotional Quotient (ChEQ) are all offered to challenge conventional wisdom, how businesses think and most importantly to help businesses to be better, to win a strategic game, hence ChEQmate.


Pile Of Books


My next book is a Practical continuation of Corporate Emotional Intelligence. It will be a way for businesses to undertake one of the four components of CEQ: Self-Assessment. 

It will also be a great tool for businesses to improve; to assess every aspect of running your business. Finally it will have practical steps to take to improve or to better Self-Manage. 

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