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Who I am

I am an entrepreneur, ex-CEO and Business Adviser who helps businesses to improve their overall operations. I conduct facilitated self-assessments of all business functions and help to create a sustainable strategic process.  I have a Masters of Business Administration, I am a company director and have interests in a number of small businesses. 

Why I do this

It isn't hard to imagine why i do this: I get to see that 'Aha' moment when the penny drops for a CEO or Business Owner. I enjoy business and see it as a hobby or a sport. I read business books for pleasure. It is often said that the real trick with a career is to never work a day in your life. I am doing what I love. My professional Purpose in life is to help as many businesses as possible to be better.

I have found that many businesses just need some extra assistance and while I am happy to assist up to 40 businesses at any given time, I decided that writing a couple of books will go a step further to help even more. 

You have a way to contact me and if you have a question or can use some help please feel free to get in touch.



Most of the scenery photos in the blogs are taken by the author and of Tasmania.


Fritz Shoemaker - Author / Business Advisor

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